Saving Lives with Designer Babies? –  Alan Trounson

Saving Lives with Designer Babies? – Alan Trounson

July 12, 2019 12 By Bernardo Ryan

fora tv' the world is thinking it just says one example because a colleague of mine just passed away to exert two weeks ago but he was the it reminded me because I was reading his about his work again just in revision of if he is a scientist and he was the one who who had a lot of difficulty in convincing the ethics committee for on behalf of the parents who had a child a young girl with franconi anemia now she she was so this was a genetic disease called Franconia name is very serious problem that could be repaired if the if the couple had another child and they to use the the cord blood cells from the placenta but you would have to make a decision to have another child and you would have to genetically test that it wasn't franconi anemia that it was that it was compatible genetically compatible and didn't have frank kearney anemia here eventually after a year and a half convinced the ethics committee to do that and it's the first time that was ever done so he was a child and a new child born who is in some ways designed if you like it didn't have firm coney anemia and it had the same genetic compatibility as the girl and they used the the the cord blood to say that girl's life and she's completely healthy and they have a son and both of them are loved but but here it's it's been designed in a certain way so in the sense of a of a designing process is that right or is it wrong i always came down on the side that it was right you know if i if i had a child who was suffering franconi anemia and I had the choice I'd make that choice as a as a parent but you know other people would see that differently and it's certainly clearly one of your cases of of a designer process in in having a child