Outdoor Clothing Fashion Designs : Wrap Around Jacket Fashion Design

March 4, 2020 0 By Bernardo Ryan

Here I have designed a wrap around type jacket
that doubles as a dress. So depending on what fabrics you make it in, or what your design
aesthetic is, will determine how you want to use it. It can be a dress by itself, or
it can actually be outer wear jacket. And I have mine as being held together with a
sash type belt. An obi type Japanese belt. And there’s no closures on it, which makes
it geared a little bit more towards a jacket, than as an actual dress. Because a dress,
you wouldn’t want it to come open as you’re walking. So, I have created my folded around,
wrapped around jacket with a sash. And then I have my collar as being a Mandarin collar.
This I created for a futuristic type collection that I was doing. And the best way to redo
this is just to follow the actual lines. And know that it’s a wrap around. So it’s not
going to be. There’s no evenness. You’ve got to have part of the jacket going around. So
that’s your dividing line basically. And then you build up from there. There’s your sash,
the waist. And then here’s your jacket. And whatever type collar you want to do. There
you go.