March 3, 2020 0 By Bernardo Ryan

What’s up guys, this is Wenzes. Welcome back to my channel where we
talk about creating an epic life on your terms. Today we’re talking about how to use
your intuition to have success in life without working hard. And I really wanna define what working
hard really means for me. For me, this is doing something that you
don’t feel like doing, period. There’s no real magic behind it. It does not mean that you’re
not gonna take inspired action, any kind of manifestation, anything you wanna create in
this world has two aspects to it. You have to use your intuition to envision
it and then you have to take action, inspired action. But you can do it in a way where it
actually makes you happy that instant, because I never wanted to actually
sacrifice my wellbeing for 10 15 years. So then I can be happy.
We wanna be happy today. We wanna make progress starting today
and we wanna do it in a way that fulfills us. So this is what we’re
gonna talk about today. And if you wanna know
more about this concept, then check out the masterclass
or sign up for the bootcamp. We’re starting on Saturday and if
you wanna work with me privately, you find all the information below as
well. So first off, let me tell you this, I am really sick and tired of hearing
people in the industry or just in society altogether. He is the
hardest worker I know. She is the hardest worker I know
like this is the Holy grail of what a successful person looks
like. And if you look around, you see that more and more people
are really coming forward and saying, this is not the way it has to
meet. That does not mean as I said, that you’re not taking action. I’m being way more productive
now than I’ve ever been, but it happens as play and there are
things that nowadays, if I do them, they kind of happen in the flow state
and I do that because I use my intuition very deliberately and the same
things. If I would’ve said to myself, you have to do them three years ago, I
would’ve despised doing it and I did. Maybe I did it anyways, but I know now that there’s
a huge difference in the
way you approach it and if you have strong intuition
as part of your personality, you can use that to your advantage
big time. So let’s talk about success. Let’s say your deepest
wish is to be a shepherd. This is actually an example I used in
my first book “below the radar above the system” and there are talk
about this example in detail. So let’s say this is something
you always wanted to do. This is the thing that fills up your soul. Then going and being some successful
lawyer in a big law firm where you have to work 60 hours a week is not
success. It really isn’t. And a lot of people feel like it is
until they’re in it and then they either have no interest in
understanding themselves. They’re miserable and they don’t
know why. Or they actually say, this is not for me. I realized now that I thought this is
going to be this great thing and it isn’t. This isn’t suits. This isn’t this excitement that you see
on the television shows and it has all to do with just doing things
that you don’t wanna do. I watched some videos of Jordan Peterson
and he always says one of the same thing “most people don’t have
a career, they have a job”. And having a job means that you do
something and you get money for something that you don’t like doing. So something you wouldn’t do if
people wouldn’t give you money for it. So what are you going to do that’s
gonna generate success for you? And I’m talking about success today. Yes, there will be some steps necessary in
this whole process to get out of your current situation. And they will
involve some things you don’t wanna do, but it’s because of the
steps you’ve taken before. It’s not because of your new attitude
towards success. So I, for example, once I said, okay, I need to start this
channel because this is something I do. Even if I wouldn’t get money for it. The first years there was no money in
it and it wasn’t because I thought in 10 15 years there’s going to be money in it. I can live off this and this is
going to be amazing. Thankfully, it worked out much faster than this, but it worked out because I was
doing it because it was my vocation. It was my way of having success in life. I knew once I stepped out of this norm, once I started doing something that
represents my personal success, then I will feel like I’m in flow.
I will feel successful today. See, most of the time, the thing
that makes us feel unsuccessful, the thing that makes us feel unfulfilled, it isn’t that we haven’t
reached our goal yet. It is that we don’t step up for ourselves, that we don’t start
fighting for ourselves. The moment you start taking the action
steps that will make that happen for you, the better you’ll feel and you’ll
feel successful and fulfilled. That moment it will get bigger. But the ground stone is set and that
thing will take away all the anxiety you had. There still be some
things coming and going. This is not something that
has to do with perfection. We always improve ourselves over time, but it’s a completely different
energy and when it comes to intuition, it will help you a lot in understanding
what success really means to you. So it’s really time that you use your
intuition, all that knowledge you have, all that power that you have of
understanding what other people want, of understanding what their intentions
are, how everything could be, and how you could improve all of those
situations to use that intuition to create your own life and
understand how to do it. Because once you’re able to use your
intuition properly in order to create your epic life, you’ll see that the answer
has been in front of you all the time. It’s been there. It’s not like
it’s something you have to find. It’s something that you create because
of an urge that you carry within yourself. There’s this purpose you have and
the moment you start tapping into it, you will out of magically know how to
create success for your life and in a way that becomes more and more in flow. So this is what I mean in the beginning
because you’re in a state where your entire life is built on the fact
that you have to do certain things, that you have to make sacrifice, that you have to play by the
rules in order to get out of it. It will take some work and I really mean
doing things that you don’t want to do, but it’s first off, not
as much as you think, not even close as much as
you think. And second of all, you’ll realize that the only reason
why it seems like hard work is because you’re still operating from this
old paradigm. I, for example, remember when I first started
recording videos, it was really, really hard work for me. And I say this over and over again because
I remember it so vividly how hard it was for me to get up in the morning to
sit down to do my makeup and record a video, and then there were all
the tasks behind that, right? Like editing the videos, like
promoting it, putting it up. The show goes on and on and
staying consistent with it. Nowadays when I sit
down and I do my videos, it happens so much easier.
It’s just like automatic. I don’t think of it as
something that I have to do. I don’t think of it as something like
hard work because I have a completely new attitude towards it and that is really
something where your intuition and your mindset will make all the difference. If you’re somebody who’s been
conditioned their entire life, that anything you want
will cost you something, it will cost you some of your wellbeing
and most of us having conditioned this way either throughout parents or peer
society, the list goes on and on. You are not even aware of it. That’s why it seems like so much hard
work when you’re about to start something that is out of the norm when you’re
about to write one more application. Although you have a job
but you want something, you sitting down on a Saturday and writing
your application or improving your CV seems like so dreadful. That is the thing that is causing you to
feel like this is not something I wanna do because we have those limiting beliefs
carrying with ourselves the things we have engraved into our system that
are keeping us where we’re at. And the thing would intuition is that
there is a negative and a positive side to it. You can use intuition to change that
paradigm to change the way you see things, how you approach certain things. You can change that that much easier
than people who don’t have a strong intuition within themselves or they can’t
access it that well because this is in the end how it is. I believe
we all have a strong intuition, but people who have it more prominent in
their system and their personality were much more able to access it. So it’s actually much easier for us to
learn how to manipulate our mindset into the positive. It’s much
easier for us to forgive. It’s much easier for us to see
it from another perspective, but the negative side of this is that
we’re also that much easier to be manipulated and I don’t mean in a
negative way of, Oh, we’re so well minded. I just mean if you have a strong
intuition, you absorb a lot. So everything you see around
you, just people being miserable. And I’m not saying that other people
manipulate you by wanting you to believe some story of theirs and
that they can lie to you. I mean that just to people
being miserable around you, that in itself has an effect
on you because you have
such a strong intuition and you absorbed so much. So how are we
gonna use intuition to our advantage? We actually have to put all our focus
into changing our mindset and into changing how we approach things, how
we see certain things to the clutter, limiting beliefs to destroy any kind
of stories we’ve been telling ourselves that are keeping us stuck. Where we’re at and it also means
that we have to start forgiving. It really comes to play in all of this
because what makes the difference between you just sitting down and writing your
application and then sending it off to 50 places or let’s say you
would make cold calls, right? Nobody wants to do cold calls, but let’s say this is something you
would do and it wouldn’t bother you. You would just say, okay, I would call 50 people up and through
that I create this business and then I generate that much money and then I go
off and I pitch my idea to this because I have this money now and then I can use
this money to create even more abundance and the list goes on and on. The reason why we’re not doing it is
because it doesn’t feel good to us and because we have those stories in our mind
that tell us that if I would do that, that will say something about me. It
would make me feel maybe like a failure. It would make me feel like, okay, I’m not really that convinced that I
wanna do something that is good for society. Because if I would go and do something
that just generates money and there’s no real meaning about it, like
what does that say about me? And so the list goes on and on and I
had been struggling with this forever. So for the longest time I felt like I
had to stick to people and help them because nobody else would help them. Although that meant that I couldn’t
focus on myself and those people are the ones that kept me where I was
at. I wasn’t moving anywhere. I was doing the bare minimum.
I was playing within the box, but I wasn’t doing whatever I could to
get out of the box and to create more abundance for myself. Because abundance and success is
living your life on your terms, no matter how that looks like. And everything that keeps us at this
current state is everything we need to declutter. And our intuition is the
one that’s gonna make that happen. We have to utilize our intuition in a
way where it helps us to set a vision, to know exactly what to do, to get
there, to take step-by-step measures. Although they seem so small and so hard
and to understand why we approach it from an I have to state and not
from an I get to do this state. It’s always a question of how can you do
this in a way that generates happiness for you, that generates you feeling fulfilled
and happy right this moment because you have those visions.
Everybody of us has them, but it seems like such a far way out. So let’s say you would wanna be an actor. That’s the thing that really excites you, that makes you feel alive and you know
that you’re so able to play of other people’s emotions. So that’s
why you want to utilize this. And then you have this vision. Let’s say your vision is to be in a big
movie and you know what the steps are to get there. Actually we all know
them. They are go on audition, start with smaller plays,
go to bigger productions. Then the list goes on and on and at some
point you really get to a point where you’re in these big movies.
That’s how it can work. That is something that we all know, but the steps seemed so hard because
you go on the first audition and you get rejected and at that moment you
tell yourself another story of, Oh, this is so much hard work. I have to keep
getting rejected over and over again. This hurts. Going on those
auditions is so much time. It takes so much energy out of me and I
wanna have success in a way that makes me feel like I’m in flow and so how am I
going to feel like this if every single time I have to do something I don’t like? Isn’t that the example that I actually
mentioned in the beginning of doing something for 15 years that doesn’t
bring you any joy and then maybe you’re gonna have success from it. It really isn’t because it’s all
about how you approach the situation. And I can guarantee you if you approach
it from a direction of I have to do this, this sucks, this
doesn’t make me feel good. At some point you will stop doing it.
I think it was Steve Jobs who said it. He said, ”you have to choose
something that you want to do”, something that you wanna be successful in, that you love to do because it will
take time. You will get rejected. You won’t be an easy ride. And if
you don’t love what you’re doing, you’ll stop at some point. Everything
else would be ludicrous. And it is. It really, really is. And that is the reason why so
many of us stop along the way. Why we have this thing of, Oh, I would be successful if I would
work at this company, but in the end, going there and working there doesn’t
make us happy. So, but what does, we have to look at it from
a broader perspective of
how we want our life to look like and to really envision that and to
say, I wanna have excitement in my life. I wanna have peace in my life. I wanna have a family and
I wanna create something. I wanna contribute something. I wanna use
my gifts to create more in this world. Whatever it is, you have to envision it. And then to understand that we
need to change our approach to it. So the moment I said I’m gonna
start doing this channel, I also decided to go for a better
job. And when I say better job, I meant it was harder work. It was definitely a lot more money and
it also was a lot of more benefits as in staying in nice hotels and being around
people who are just as eager to create something as you are, but maybe in
different areas than I deeply wanted to. But at that moment, this was the thing I needed to do because
this is all I knew at that moment. I knew my business, my vocation, or
the way I talked to you, my channel. This is not the thing that is gonna
sustain my life at this moment, but stepping into it gave me so much
understanding of this is who I wanna be. This is what makes me happy. This is the thing that I had been lacking
in my life so far and because I had this understanding and I had this peace
with myself because I had this aspect, I could go over here and say, yeah, I’m willing to do something that
makes me feel uncomfortable, but I approach it from this positive
perspective of this is gonna generate a better life for me. I will see new
things. This will challenge me. I’m excited because I can prove to myself
that I can handle this and I really look at it from a perspective of I get
to do this because over here I get to do the thing that really
fills up my soul over here. I can do the thing that makes me stronger
and makes me more ambitious that makes me just tougher so I can take on the next
thing and do it better and do it in a way that excites me. You know,
the tasks don’t get easier. It’s not like the things I do now require
less discipline and discipline is one of the things that really makes
us feel like it’s so hard, but it doesn’t feel like discipline.
It doesn’t feel like work. It feels like play because I have
approached it from a perspective of let me work on my mindset. Let me work on my
intuition. I know where I want to go. I know what I want to achieve,
and I know that starting today, I’m taking step-by-step measures to get
there and it does not matter if it takes me my entire life. It does not matter
if it takes me 40 years, 30 years, 10 years, five years, maybe
five minutes, whatever it is, it does not matter because the thing
that makes me excited about life, the thing that makes me feel successful
isn’t the goal that I reach at some point. It’s that instant because that instant
I had decided to follow my vision, to follow my intuition. If you
have this gift of intuition, which tells you so much of this makes me
feel good or this doesn’t make me feel good, I have this vision of how
my life could be. Then utilize it. Start doing things to strengthen your
intuition because so many of us go through life and we feel like, Oh, I
have this amazing intuition, but this is just talent. If you’re not
practicing, if you’re not doing the work, you will not be able to utilize
it completely to your advantage. So that means buckling down on meditation, really getting to a state where
you feel like you’re enough. Starting to learn how forgiveness work
actually works because the things that are keeping you stuck
where you’re at right now, they’re all the stories
you’ve been telling yourself. I know this about me as well. The more I learned that I’m
enough and I mean really learn it. I mean it goes into my
subconscious more and more. The easier it is for me
to start doing things, they’ll get me there because now I
don’t have a story about anymore. It doesn’t make me feel like a sellout
if I go out and fight for a better life for me when before, this
is exactly what I thought, but this wouldn’t have happened
if I didn’t use my intuition. So what for example, some meditations
on I’m enough from Marisa Peer, they’re great, they’re on YouTube,
they’re for free. I’ll even link it here. Then you can definitely watch my video
on forgiveness because every time you forgive, and I mean honestly
forgive, just let it go with it. Doesn’t mean that you allow this person
to have the same influence on your life as they fought so far. It means that you really don’t care
and you start focusing on the positive aspect of where your vision is going and
when you then understand that the more you actually do these things, you kind of break off all the courts that
you have to current life situations to all the stories you’ve been telling
yourself. And the list goes on and on. You really remove those things. Then you become so much more aware of
what steps you get to do in order to make your vision, your reality. You stop having all these obligations
towarads yourself that it has to be perfect and if it isn’t, you’re not gonna take a step because
if you would take the wrong step, you will feel miserable. You would
feel like a failure like you unworthy. That is so often the thing that keeps
us from actually taking inspired action action in a way that is really
empowering to us and it’s fun and this is something completely different than hard
work because hard work looks like this. You telling yourself, I know society says that I’m successful
if I’m doing like such a great job at this law firm and making 300,000 a year
and working 60 hours a week or they tell you, you going to be successful. If you
take that path in both those scenarios, there’s nothing in it that really brings
you joy or it’s just a small amount. I remember people telling me, when
you work, you don’t look at the clock, you don’t really worry
about how time will pass. Just focus on the task because otherwise
the time would go by so slowly and you’ll just think about
five more hours to work, four more hours to work and
the list goes on and on. Life doesn’t have to be like this. This is what success looks like.
If you put hard work into it, it really means that you’re doing
something at the price of your wellbeing. There are different ways to achieve that. There are so many opportunities here
and because your intuition is so strong, it’s easier for you to
remove those stories. All those stories of the
things that you have to do. You get to a place where every little
step you do feels like play where it’s exciting and it’s not
gonna happen overnight, but it’s just step by
step, getting easier. It’s taking the next step and it feels
less like work than the last one. And the more you keep doing that, the more you feel okay and happy with
who you are because you don’t have to prove anything anymore. That’s
how you feel when you feel enough. More often you start taking those steps. The more in tune you are with where
supposed to be with the life that is more and more on your terms, you will start getting excited about
making progress in your life and being productive. Everyday when I do my
bed, this is not a feeling of, Oh, I have to do my bed. Why? What for? I get excited about it because it makes
me feel like I’m taking control of my life. It starts with those little simple
things and if I wouldn’t have used my intuition to actually
buckle down on mindset work, so really working with a coach I work
with like a program that helps me. I can go and learn new techniques.
I do meditation all the time. I make sure that I declutter my life. All of this helps me to understand
that I’m enough the way I am, that I don’t have to prove anything and
therefore I’m willing to take steps that others are not willing to take because
it would say something about them because society wouldn’t accept them
anymore the way they had so far. But you will see that the more
you really tune into this, the more you work on this. You become so full of yourself in the
best possible way that you need less and less reassurance. You need less and less acceptance and
you’re willing and ready to take the steps. They’ll make you successful on
your own terms because you don’t need this anymore. You’re so full of yourself that you just
feel okay and enough just the way you are, and then you start taking the
steps as if it was a game because it is. It doesn’t change how you feel about
yourself. You already are enough. It does not matter if you don’t achieve
anything on society’s terms or not. It really doesn’t matter.
You’re not gonna feel better. Marisa Peer says ”enough
is not a destination, it’s something you feel inside”
so it really doesn’t matter. You don’t do this because it will say
something about you and you’re not scared to take the steps because
of what this could mean. You just live it out because it has
no significance to your self worth. Your self-worth is always intact no
matter what you do and your intuition will help you so much in this
regard. If you just buckle down, if you do the work, if you invest in
yourself, as in watch those videos, take a course if it’s not with me, with
somebody else, but invest in yourself. This is what I learned for myself and
this is the thing that is catapult me the fastest to understand that
I need to buckle down. I need to understand myself better. I need to remove those things that are
keeping me there and I need to take those action steps, especially for us INFJ’s, those action steps make
the biggest difference, those inspiring action steps that really
get our life closer to where we wanted to be. That’s why I have the
five pillars to an epic life, because these things will help you
to actually get over so many of your resistances by taking small
steps into those directions. This really gets you to the next level. And from there you’re like on
a high level on that mountain, you have a much better view and your
vision becomes clearer and clearer. So remember, if you wanna join
the bootcamp or start on Saturday, I’m really excited and I’m so looking
forward to everybody who’s signed up to see their, we gonna have so much fun and success on
your terms and you can always join the masterclass. Of course, this is really working by yourself on
the program and if you wanna work with me privately and wanna invest that time,
that energy, that money into yourself, then really look into that. All the
information you find below, like always, guys, I wish you a wonderful day, a
great week, and I talk to you next time.