How to update software on Simrad NSS Evo 3                   Simrad Go XSE. Go XSR  Simrad Evo2

How to update software on Simrad NSS Evo 3 Simrad Go XSE. Go XSR Simrad Evo2

June 12, 2019 3 By Bernardo Ryan

alright guys want to take a minute and show you how to do a software update on your NSS Evo 3 it's very similar to the Evo 2 and the go series what you do is just go at your browser here and type it and Simrad yachting and you're gonna see right here Simrad – yachting com up top here you see help and support okay right here manuals and software updates click that and select our product here's our NSS Evo three scroll down to the very bottom it says software software update and it says Steven 3 download software update click that no we don't want to register at this time download your file here you can see it down here it's just five minutes you can see the progress is just started you could also see this bar is green bar this entire block is solid green it would be done and there will be a blue circle around okay you can see our update is finished downloading will arrow right here I'm gonna click on that right here it says show and folder I click on that highlighted in blue on my computer might be a little different in yours but it's right here the update and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on it and I'm gonna drag it up here to my microSD card go ahead and copy it over to my SD card you can see the progress now if you notice down here you're gonna see my update that I did before this the one I'm doing now is nineteen point one and there's one here it says 18 point three always take your previous update with you as well so I'm gonna take that with me put it on the same card this way should you have problems on the water for some reason with your software you can go ahead and roll it back to the previous software that you had no problems with it all so it's just a good fail-safe to have with you it's a good idea make sure your memory card is less than 64 gig it cannot take a 64 gig card so you have 32 gig or less fear same write in this book let's go ahead and take the memory card now down to the display and do our update all right we are down here at the boat finishing our update here there is our memory card I took that out of the computer machines booted up ready to rock I'm gonna go in here to my memory card slot open that up I'm gonna use the top pour it up here actually can't use the top there's a chart card in there I mean use the bottom one doesn't matter which one you use now over here on the left side I'm a select storage okay there's my top card which is my chart card the bottom one is the one I just put the software in I'm gonna hit that bar now I am scroll down here the 18.3 software that's the one that we threw on there that's the old software that's just there as an emergency backup the new one here is nineteen point one so we're gonna go ahead and hit that bar that box pops up there we're gonna hit the upgrade button okay it's gonna reboot that's okay we're gonna wait be super patient at this point it's gonna reboot all kinds of life and stuff are gonna come on and go off wait don't do anything until the accept page comes back up with a little blue accept bar in the bottom don't turn your power off don't play with other displays don't mess that you could transducers don't eat a sandwich don't do anything I just chill right here make sure no one hits the button and wait for the process to finish once your accept page comes up you're pretty much done you can go ahead and start fishing but we'll go ahead wait for that to happen okay there's about three or four minutes maybe total hour except pages back up that means we're good to go everything is fine that's our new software now at this point we're good to go we're ready to rock if you have another display immediately you take your software go to your next one do your update on your second display get it out of the way do each one individually this point you're done you're ready to go any other time that you come down to the water or play with your machine if you're down here for a you know a long period of time and you have chirp transducers go ahead in here and pause your trip transducer okay chirp transducers can overheat when they're out of the water for a while especially if it's a pocket mount or threw in whole deal trans transom mounts are usually okay but any anything over a few minutes go ahead and pause your trip transducer just to be safe also if you have lots and lots and lots of waypoints valuable waypoints you might want to back them up before you do any software update I personally have never lost any weight points in years and years of doing this but if you have years and years and here's built up go ahead and save them ahead of time stay safe on the water leave a few for me thanks for watching please subscribe I love you guys I mean it