How to make a new design from small pieces a  clothes

How to make a new design from small pieces a clothes

October 18, 2019 60 By Bernardo Ryan

Hello everyone Come on guys, today we tell you a new design. Which is very simple and very simple. And for this, we have added two 2-inch two strips. And see the top red patti is 2 inches. And the green bar below is also 2 inches. We have attached a sewing center to both the straps. Only then is our black colored band. We’ve got this four inch, now we have to put a ghad over 2 inches We can apply this design to any of our suits and sarees. So let’s mark two 2 inches 2 inches 2 inches Two two inches we will do full marking. Now we will hang 2 inches in such a long way…. This is a very easy design, you can make it even on paper. Makes steps of 2-2 inches on this 4 inches long black cloth Please take good care of the marking of black patti. Now we will mark this 2 inches between 1 inch in between. Now we will mark this 1 inches between 2 inches and lining up straight Look at this box is 2 inches. We will space in 1 inch on the middle You can also make this design on paper and you can apply it to the back neck of your blouse. You can also apply on front nack and can also apply on the side. You can also use this design in suits. Make this design, learn it, it is very easy Now we’re cutting it. Cut the box which we have marked with it in such a way. We will cut the same as our bins. after this we will also cut the box on this side. Our strip of cloth is as much as 4 inches. Marking the entire distance by two 2 inches. It’s 2 inches and here it is 2 inches and in the meanwhile we have to mark in 1 inch. And the distance of the box is 2 inches And this is how Boxes are cut off. And now, we will design these boxes. And look at this, which is our connected bandages, we also cut them in such a way. First cut We have to cut down the stitch below us. This is a very easy and simple design. On this side, our green strips cut their box too. Now see this box to be folded like this. And now fold it folded box again This is our first box We will fold this as our second box.