How to Draw James – the No.5  red Engine ♦ Thomas and Friends ♦  Animated Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw James – the No.5 red Engine ♦ Thomas and Friends ♦ Animated Drawing Tutorial

January 5, 2020 9 By Bernardo Ryan

JAMES #5 ENGINE Hey, kids! I am just about to draw James the red engine
#5! So, as always, Im starting from its platform:
first short line for the wagon and then James’ bottom. Here I am drawing two circles to show James’
automatic couplers for connecting to wagons. Then I will continue to draw James’s main
body. Line by line. Step by step. Many lines connected together. Here we go. Here’s James’ roof, two small windows
and the contours of his face. Next goes the big cylinder. Let’s add some more lines to make James
look more real. Alrighty, the main body is ready. Then I am adding two areas just above the
wheels. And a few more details on James’ body and
the wagon behind him. His next important part is the pipe. Yeah, like this. And then the whistle. Now, I will draw James’s eyes, his nose,
smiling mouth and the eyebrows just above the eyes. At this stage I am continuing with the wagon
and put number 5 on it. Because James is the engine number 5! Look! I am adding James’s driving wheels here:
three pairs of big wheels and one pair of small ones. After this I have to draw wheels to James’s
wagon. Here we go. Two pairs of wheels. Now I will just draw one small wheel on the
other side and connect big wheels between each other. Awesome! James is all ready! So now we can start applying some nice colors
to make him alive!! The first color goes yellow! YELLOW. It’s for the number 5, a little for James’s
body and for the whistle on top. Next goes the grey color. GREY. i will use for James’s face. Alright! My next color will be red. RED. First of all, i will apply it for James’s
wagon… from all sides. And then i will go on and color the bottom
in red. And then Im switching to James’s main body. Here we go. Go on coloring. Don’t stop until almost entire James is
red. Ok, after that Im taking the black color. BLACK. i am using for the top of the wagon. Why? Cause i want To show a pile of coal loaded
in the wagon. Then im going for James’s roof, wagon’s
wheels, James’s big wheels, small wheels and the couplers. And to make it even darker i will apply black
color once again. After this, i will color the area right behind
James’s face and then the pipe will be also black. And now i will add some shadows on James’s
body using the same black color and the ground underneath James. So, James is looking perfect to me!! All colorful and joyfully smiling!! I am proud of you, kids! You did a great job!! I think James is very happy to be drawn and
colored by you!! Continue learning with us and have fun!! I will see you in our next videos!