How to draw Gigantamax Lapras | Pokemon easy drawing step by step

March 2, 2020 0 By Bernardo Ryan

1. Draw the corner 2. Draw the mouth line 3. Draw the nose and the eyes 4. Draw curled ears 5. Draw a long neck 6. Draw the characteristic shell line on the back 7. I will draw the fins 8. Draw a line of the body pattern 9. Draw the shell layer 10. If you draw from the top of the shell first, it will be easier to draw the line between 11. There is something like a chimney on the shell 12. Draw rain clouds 13. Draw a line to indicate the shell layer 14. Draw a line towards it 15. Draw a line vertically between the layers.
Let’s draw while confirming not to make a mistake 16. Draw a hexagonal pattern on the shell 17. Switch to a thin pen and draw a staff notation around your body 18. Draw the “◇” parts