How To Create A Professional WordPress Website  – FOR BEGINNERS 2016

How To Create A Professional WordPress Website – FOR BEGINNERS 2016

October 6, 2019 26 By Bernardo Ryan

Hello my name is Jade from and today I’m going to show you how to make a professional
wordpress website with no programming required this is the free step-by-step
beginner friendly tutorial with no previous experience required and no
coding or technical skills needed. Website designers charge upwards of
$2,000 for a site like this. Therefore this tutorial will save you
thousands. The professional nature of the website will help you win new clients by
making a good first impression by establishing trust. This website is based
on elegant minimalist design similar to Apple and Uber. The logo is sophisticated
clean and modern typographical design. This website will be responsive
which means an optimal viewing experience regardless of the device that
it is being viewed from such as desktops tablets or phones. So as you can see here
is quite elegant, very beautiful. Scroll down and Services, Our Work, and
Contact which are actually three different web pages as well. And when you
click on the buttons it will direct you to those pages. You’re going to scroll to the top and then you’re gonna click about. it basically gives a brief synopsis as to what that
website is about, with that company is about. And you scroll down to the bottom and there’s three beautiful pictures and with three different captions, so it’s
very short and sweet. So next is services and it describes all the different
services that this company performs and Our Work or AKA portfolio. So when you click on each picture it becomes bigger, larger and you could just close it there and then
Contact. So people will be able to contact you via the website, by email or by phone or they can visit your address. So let’s get started. Building this website is actually a three step process.
The first step is the hosting and domain name registration, second step is
installing WordPress and the third step is creating the website. So how much will
this cost? The cost of hosting the website is approximately $7-$10/month. The domain is approximately $10/year. Installing WordPress, cost is free. Creating the website, cost is free. So
it’s not much money. The maximum you’re actually going to spend is $130 maximum
for the year. Compared to thousands of $$$ plus you would have to pay hosting fees. Thousands of dollars that you save for
developers, this is a fraction of the price so this is pretty good and you get
a professional website done. Are you ready to get started? Let’s go! The first
step is hosting and domain name registration. So we’re going to go Then we are going to click on Get Started and choose a
plan. So, basically you may be asking what is hosting? A hosting account is where
your website will live. This is basically a remote computer where you rent space
to install the WordPress software and manage your website I really actually
like Hostgator because they have great customer service and they have fantastic prices. We actually use Hostgator for and we recommend it to all our clients. So there’s three different types of
plans: there’s the hatchling plan, the baby plan and then there’s the business plan. Most people do not need the business plan they need either the hatchling
plan or the baby plan. The difference between the hatchling plan and the baby
plan is as follows: the hatchling plan only allows for hosting of a single domain. So
what are the main is as for example, that’s the domain name as opposed to the baby plan which hosts unlimited domains. So
you can host as many domains as you wish. Depending on your situation, you select a
plan that’s best for you. If you only have one domain then obviously this one but if
you see maybe perhaps you have more than one domain or you see yourself in the
very near future having more than one, then I would suggest that baby plan. For
this example, for these purposes we’re gonna go with the baby plan. So when I click Sign Up Now! and then
we’re going to register a domain. If you already have a domain then you gonna click on this tab here and the type in your domain that you
ready own. Otherwise, if you don’t, then this is what we’re gonna do now. We’re
going to register the domain. So just let’s say it’s a weightloss website that we
want to build – I’m going to type in weightloss4u2 and see if it’s available. And
we want the dot-com. Unfortunately it’s not available, other obscure
extensions are available. So sometimes you have to become creative; this may take
you awhile because most of the names are not available. But instead of 2, how about too? That kind of 2/to/two. And let’s see. Great, it’s available, it’s check marked. What wee are going to do now is scroll down and as you see domain name privacy is checked. So basically as per Hostgator, they summed it up pretty well so domain name privacy hides your
personal contact information from public view. If somebody wants to
see who owns that domain, they will not be able to see that it is you. So that’s optional it’s $9.95 per year, but for this purpose we are going to uncheck that. Then we are going to scroll
down to choose a hosting plan. We’re going to stick to the baby plan. 36 months is quite long, I
like to go with a year. To pay yearly. You can do whatever you wish. Some people like to pay month-to-month, some people like to go with what have you.
I’m going to select 12 months. The username I’m going with is CM
and must be two characters long. I’ll say 99. The pin, I’ll say 2574. Let’s try that. Then you’re going to scroll down to the billing information. Type in your email address, confirm it.
Your name, fill out all the other information. Your address, country, zip code or postal code, city, state etc and the name on your credit card, the credit card number, the CVV code and expiration date. Then you’re going to go down to Additional Services, actually you don’t really need
any this really needed. And if you do want it at a later date, then you can add it. So
right now it’s $127.67 and that is for the year, plus that includes your
domain name. Would you like me to tell tell you a way to save more money?
Of course you do. Who doesn’t want to save more money? What you can do is remove this coupon
code, delete that, and type in CREATIFYMARKETING25OFF and click validate. So you actually save over $7 on that. Not bad $7! That’s actually for the whole thing is pretty good, $120 and that’s including the domain name. But if you
want to pay monthly you can do that. The coupon code will work for monthly as
well. What you are gonna to do is click here, read the terms of service,
cancellation policy and privacy policy. Once you have read it and agree to it and press the checkout. The coupon
CREATIFYMARKETING25OFF gives me credit for referring you so it helps me to
continue to make these tutorials for free, so I really appreciate it if you
enter CREATIFYMARKETING25OFF, enter that coupon. Once you check out Hostgator will send you a welcome email that is is very important. It has your important account information such as your username, the control panel URL or website and the
password. The next step is #2. So what you are going to do as you’re gonna sign into the control
panel and with the URL that’s given and it also gives you the password and username. That’s the next step right now. Alright so the next step is we’ve done one step already which is great. So the
hosting and domain name registration has been completed, fantastic! The next thing is
installing WordPress. The cPanel A.K.A. control panel, once you click on it is gonna to look like this and you’re going to enter your username and password so that we can
install WordPress. So, you’re probably asking what is WordPress? WordPress is an online
open source, website creation tool. It is the same technology used by CNN, Forbes,
Facebook, Sony, The New York Times and over 25% of the entire internet.
The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough for
just about anything and that’s the main reason why WordPress has grown so much
in popularity. So what we going to do now is to sign into the cPanel our hosting service, Hostgator service so via cPanel. Type in your username and password. Now that you have signed into the Hostgator control panel now what we want to do is install
WordPress. So what we’re gonna do – scroll down to Software and Services
and then click Quick Install then to the left you’ll see Popular Installs, then you’ll click WordPress. Then you’re going to click install WordPress, right here. Click on the button. Alright, so right here, the Hatchling Plan is only going to be one
website available, if you got the Baby Plan then there may be more than one
website available if you set that up already. Let’s select one. Once you select the website, then leave this blank so the admin email where they’ will send
information to this email. So for instance WordPress generates a password, it’s going to be sent to this email address. So the blog title is Videosify, the admin user, your name and your last name. Now what you are going to do is click install. The installation usually doesn’t take long, a few minutes; but sometimes it can take up to 48 hours which is rare but just as a heads up.
It’s gonna send you these credentials here: which is how to get into WordPress
from your website and how to login and the username which you selected and it’ll give you a password. How everybody signs in – your website name, so in this case is For instance, if your domain name is, then you’d type in and this will be also be sent in the email. So that’s what we are going to do right now. We’re going to sign into the admin area. area so we can do the third step ok so
I’m right that video stuff I dot com WordPress admin so you gonna be whatever
website whatever your website’s back at this and then what we’re gonna do is
gonna type in that user name that you selected and then that password and only
gonna press login so where are we now we have done step one registered the domain
and hosting we’ve installed WordPress and now we’re gonna create websites so
let’s login alright so we have logged in the first
thing and this is the dashboard along so the first thing out what we’re going to
do is we are going to change the password right away so either for
security it’s great for security purposes and made you want something
more memorable so how do you go about doing that that’s under users your
profile and scroll down and click Generate password here could generate
another password or you can type in another pass that’s what I’m going to do
I’m just gonna hide it could obviously want to keep it private just type another one in strong password
you can also updated you wish your day public display the email update all that
stuff they can update profile perfect the next thing what we’re going to do is
make sure that your WordPress occurs it is up to date on how to go about doing
that under dashboards update and it looks
like you have the latest version perfect picture that’s always up to date because
it’s also for security as well to make it the most secure as if they see any
security flaws in the update it so make sure that you always update press the
Mexico what we’re going to do was to install the theme and what a team is its
distal general look and functionality of your WordPress site so well how we’re
going to do that is required to go to appearance and we’re gonna go two themes
there were gonna go to add new the theme that we are going to be working with
their installing today is called sit right here we go with this and we’re gonna
quick install going to click Activate that perfect the next step to set up so
before we do that at sea sometimes they install plugins we don’t really need so
we’re going to just delete them just click like this call and then bulk
actions could just sleep are you sure basically wanted to leave it yes we do alright so we’re gonna be in stalling 8
plugins so plugins at New the first one is called contact form 7 good start now then activates a contact
form 7 it allows people to contact you view website sell its this forum right
here that’s what contact form 7 is so that’s the first plug-in we’re going to
click to view the second plugin is teach builder by sight perfect and the page builder by Slade
origin and all of these are extensively used their high ratings hundred thousand-plus readings and a
half stars page will thereby site origin it’s a drag-and-drop responsive page
builder and it will simplify building a website this is really good so and
activate plug it so I knew their next one is site origin but which its
extensive functionality of the website of the plugins activate that at the next one is called
tiny MSC II right ok this isn’t it’s one word tiny MCE that it’s one word no
space in style that and basically what bad is it enables advanced features
editor so we’re gonna have to be plugged and then we want to add additional
features make life easier so gonna go to settings and it would go to tiny MCE
advanced what we want to add these to be able to see and the visual editor so we
can change things for a website so we want to also add family right here want to what the paragraph to show and I
think that’s it changes so gonna go back to the plugins so lucky I’m at you to go
to title basically the ability to hide the title of a poster page with a lot of
these WordPress themes that automatically appears on our website
that so we don’t stop now and activate bug you again you know the drill the next one is site origin but this is
CSS basically what site origin CSS it gives you the ability to edit the CSS
code to install and activate plug in the next 12 and the next one is box last box
right and what that helps us to do with it enables users to view larger versions
of an image so active and last but not least is based there and spacer basically self explanatory it provides additional space between two
elements on a page to activate plug alright perfect so what’s the next thing
we’re gonna do you gonna start building the website the pages that’s the text
pages have a sample patriot delete that salinas click on here and we’re just
going to crash get started you go so what are the pages
that we need to the pages that we need are the home while there’s gonna be home
page about page services are work at contact the first one is home page type that in so under page attributes
under editor template template rather than going to you it’s gonna be the
front page and this is hired one also hide the title press publish number 17 add you to the second one is a
boat the About page about that template and set of the front is up front page
has only one home page it’s gonna be full with flexible with and also had the
title so publish the second one the third page rather is services and thankful with the page and the next one
is work work with the page you can actually change the URL that web page so
I don’t want to speak so if the space here and automatically dash between the
words so I don’t want any dash I wanted to be one words I’m going to remove the
dash press OK and then press publish and the last page it’s gonna be the contact
page template for web I the title and publish perfect I would like to have a
separate page open see my progress in real time some people they just used a few pages
back and forth but I think it’s easier personal preference to do that this is
how it looks right now the website so the next thing what we’re going to do is
we’re going to set up the homepage so this is how the whole peter is gonna
look like see how it looks elegant rivals that of a large corporation our
mission at crucify marketing is to assist new entrepreneurs and small
business owners to have access to the tools to create a successful
professional online brand and presses which rivals large corporations image is
everything and a good website and local goes along way to establish trust and
garden you customers remember that your website at your local reflects you as a
business owner and professional so well crafted state and local is essential for
any business as it may be the first chance you have at making a good first
impression to a potential clients if you think that any old website or local will
do for your business think again according to researchers at
the Missouri University of Science and Technology it takes less than three seconds online visitor to form a first
impression of your bread once approved your website seconds given this very
tight timeframe it is extremely imperative that making a good first
impression should be one of the top priorities of your business the old adage says it best it’s so
apropos you never get a second chance to make a first impression heard that one
before but is so true a local is a business as he faces to you
it establishes your identity and it creates your image that is why it is
imperative that it is not just something slapped together doesn’t look
professional whatsoever so we are now helping you with your website so let us
further assist you with your local so what you should do is go to create a ply
marketing dot com slash local to buy them or so creative / logo to to
find out more about how you can make your local professional the next thing
you’re going to do is the home page or go over to appearance and customize your
school all the way to the bottom and click on static front page and a royal
cloak static page right now it shows blog post on the bottom here so gonna
change that the front page is gonna be the whole page and then save and publish
here to refresh its got so the next day what we’re gonna do is
going to go to appearance of customized but instead we’re gonna go to cite cite
title tag line and local and see how there’s like a tagline here if you wish
you could pull attack line but for these purposes this example we’re not gonna
habitat like that and then we’re gonna upload a local file and choose image
global has been uploaded that are going to save and publish actually we don’t
have to click back so did this go back because we want to stay on this year
we’re going to do is going to go to the header area header header type we’re going to click
no header so right now this is for any other pages so the other four pages that
are not the homepage it has a huge header with the picture we just don’t
want that we just do what they want instead let’s refresh this shit let me
give you an example this is what we want ok which is not handle the Imagio so
when I say that publish that alright so the next thing is you see how it’s it’s
moving like that it’s like a slideshow fast we don’t want that and we don’t we
just want one picture the background so we’re gonna go back and the next one is
it’s in the header slider to do that so the first thing is we want to disable
the slider so it says 0 in order to do that so how to type in 20 and more to
stop the slaughter text as well like that so it’s still stop that so now I
want to upload a picture called out here to change image you can upload image and then they go to
choose it so now what we want to do is you also want to change its not welcome
to cities cities the theme what we want go here is gonna beat we create awesome
made documentaries from your pictures so that’s what we want here so that’s what
we’re gonna put here and you put whatever sport into your business and
the next thing as a sub test for the title for the first leg wassup telephone
the first light is going to be gonna video supply your pictures today that’s
what it do that’s what video suffice about the paste it and there are gonna
do is scroll down all the way to the bottom and as you see this but the call
to action so the texts to your your call to action by the so-called taxes
basically what you want your customers a client to do we want them shoe quick let’s get started the last I
bet in here and where do we want them to go well when we click that want them to
go to the contact page they can contact you so it’s a video he asked if I dot
com slash contact and we’re save and publish so let’s see how that looks so
basically that’s real time that’s how it looks the only difference what we need now is
see it’s this still missing from there so the next thing we do anything else
I’m gonna add a media as you can see there’s a refresh this there’s no man
you gonna do that all rights going to close out of this and we’re going to go
to appearance but this time we’re gonna go
to menu so the menus are we’re not gonna actually we’re going to skip home i
think is better looks better without hope all the performance the
professional website so how bad so I decided for the new website we’re gonna
do about the services are working contact occurs when you click on the
logo of the website most if not all website goes back to the home page it’s
all about services are working contact in that order as you can see here when I just delete
this move so about services work and contact home cooked so to say if you
wanted instead of having it like this exactly you get it he wanted one under
the other you can also do that easy to do despite going like that or creating a
different menu that’s it’s very simple to do but we’d rather ok for this for
this example I’m gonna create menu and then we’re going to click both of these
to automatically add you top-level pages too many UN primary menu and it would
have saved so now what we’re gonna do is refresh this and you’ll see their yes
there are many part so now we’re gonna do is we’re going to create the bottom
part which is this part here so how do we do go about doing that well we’re
gonna go two pages the passport pages of peaches and it’s gonna be the home of
her over the homepage edit then you gonna go to Page Builder click Add which it and it’s going to be saved origin editor
integral type at it and you put your headline there so I’m going to copy and
paste I’m going to just peaced it’s just want the tax there I don’t want any
other attributes so I want to center it and the size h2o yes the size of h2 and
done I could update to the next thing is these three elements here icons and a little blob about them
information about that and then the buttons ok we’re going to click Add Row
and it’s gonna be three columns or click Insert so the features that we need our
widget and it’s saved origin features so we’re gonna need one for each duplicate
duplicate just love that over text what we need is a site origin editor and get
a duplicate and duplicated twice once more that over and site origin butter
girl duplicate duplicate and actually we need the editor get so
duplicate this year and that duplicate duplicate its ok that sounds like so for
the first one at it they were going to click Add to see this Alero downward
arrow here when I click that here so that I caught so this is going to be
back here is going to be the services like hot butter cup icon here and I
think a better services icon action like because be awesome I wouldn’t change it
up so I’m gonna look for more of a phil has you gonna change pictures of the
film is VDR certified so this is a pole and then what’s that text title the
service is ok just text services here tax and then I was going to use like
what you’re going to put you what’s the services what type of services probable
but after which you are going to you click the More link and this is going to
lead to calm service ok so the container sizes what
container sizes the size of the container that only be icon 150 and i
cant go to be 90 deg futures perot is going to be just one and it would also
like these two as well so tough three selected some responsive layout yes features title to war you’re out yes and
link icon to boy you’re out yes ok so done all rights to the next one and I
saw this is going to be our work next to someone it to be a star ok so here’s the stars and clicking
about and the title is our work and then the tech center near the Ural hours our work which was just one word no
space and then the container size is the same as for for 150 and icon sizes
ninety features paroles 41 and check these to sell the next 10 you know what
next this is going to be for contact this next one this one here alright so the icon that I’m going to
select is going to be like a little envelope right here so the title and
contact I’ll text he text but the text regarding contact and the Euro lose and
15090 container size i cum size features 401
these till done update and let’s see how the 65 refreshed it so it looks now like
this right so I just have a little bit more to do for this home page text
saying what we want to do is the buggers so few services work and
contact site origin click view or edit rather part of me and it’s going to be a
few services ok but attacks and the euro is going to be if I dot com slash
services k done that and the Spy Next button is going to be at work at the
contacts ok work and you’re always going to be dot com and done and get contact updates let’s see how that looks like
just got a refresher little bit of space BC they were good which we can remedy
what we’re going to do here first there is a teacher and religious have a space
here this so just click this space done at it click space done at it quick space died
date that and then we’re going to do space here to the widest choice right
away but it just done update that alright that’s better spacing here
because we’re going to change the species between here so we need enough
space between the buns and the end of the page alright so the next thing is going to do
as we’re gonna go back here the whole page back out here at a dinner and
overnight click on this ranch and we’re going to click Edit Pro and really comfy
and under is they see the top bottom padding tape 54 this area click safe they gonna
do the ranch and the padding put 0 and it was safe and it will update for
whatever reason to do update for after every site origin but I fine for the
other ones you don’t have to do that for whatever reason so we updated that
refresh see their ego perfect so we have the beautiful logo we have the menu you
have to create what BDR BDR surfrider’s which its we create awesome many
documentaries from your pictures and video Supplier pictures today let’s get
started when you click up paddle go to the Contact peach and then memories that
last a lifetime when you could call services work goes to contact page great so the next page were gonna work
on the About page so right now obviously there’s nothing here however is going to
look like this so as you can see it’s very succinct as to what that company
does and has three beautiful pictures with three captured saturday there so
how would I go about doing that we’re going to copy this year ago two pages
but instead could be about to edit gonna go to Page Builder do editor said origin
editor at it describes paste the taxpayer type the text it here visual kei stated and I would to align
it everything center line ago and then I wanted to be the size
each 30 this once you write the next thing is the pictures so the three
pictures and the three captures underneath so that’s going to be there
to do is a troll and we are going to have three columns here and we want 68
towards about it so hard to duplicate duplicate 65 times but 6145 duplicate so
want you and we’re gonna do have to call it the first thing is okay so do the
pictures to get at it we did styles click design and background image select
image upload your images the first image was coffee at the clock
ok so the couple first and the background image display that’s gonna be
cover then what you gonna do is click on space here but instead of the default 20
pixels it’s gonna be 350 pixels and a bigger depress done so with the site
were gonna do the same thing that’s for the next 12 the rights the next column
at it and the background image was coffee coffee with the baseball back out
and the image is cover background rather image display is cover and then we’re
going to add space there but this time I’ll same thing 350 it’s a twenty just like before the
one previous design background image and the clock and cover spacer 350 s done
and want captions gonna put the captions like a half that example under tax of
discussion based here and they wanna center it’s the size and I H three so it
just heading it next three terror the last one for the
clock text based done a deal was going to go to ranch and
get good at it real quick then I’m going to click column Patek not only backs
role play out with stretch row layout full with stretched and Colin patting
enabled and it a click the Save and then click Update now I think perhaps you ok
we take your stress away just like 25 bat second alright so just make sure that this is
correct and I pressed update so let’s see how this looks ok perfect you only
difference is a lot of space so what we’re gonna do is we need to decrease
the space so let’s go to the ranch soda still under about under the editor here
are going to you for the first one the first click Add it well this time the
theme going to go to top bottom so it up to twenty-five year click Save and let’s
do that to the bottom and top 25 top bottom and save update let’s refresh
that see how that looks ok so there’s still space what we need to do is we
need to users CSS so CSS called see here gonna go to grab that CSS cold to go to
appear its custom CSS and the new guy just paste it and they gonna press Save
CSS many refresh perfect that’s exactly what we wanted looking good so basically for video
video supply but he asked the price of mission is to transform photos it to
create the many documentaries that you and your family could chairs from
generation to generation so we had video suppliers so grateful to be able to help
people capture their memories in a creative way we’re so happy to see the
smaller customers faces when they see the final video supply products so we
create your recaptured memories shorter drive speeds and why is it should turn
it off rectify that and the Nexus will still be
actually we take to really take the stress away so the next one is going to
be serviced so this is how the services and we’re going to duplicate that so
let’s go pages and this time we are under services at it and peach builder
at which it and site origin editor and we just got this is a copy and paste the
text here to edit paste this is gonna be reached to actually add
another row just want one here we go and insert something like that so add
widgets and origin features it’s rather it’s gonna be actually six the first
feature is writing the script so that’s the first feature here text title right
script and the actual texts bear and I forget the icon here is what I was
looking for and believe that is it for that one can add another one and then
click on the door era icon that we want to hear that would it
do so this one I want a check mark and so keep their title Turks and then the
text and text next one is hiring a voice overs I can person here and the texts voice-over
piece that here and the text but here the next one story what sketch I can be that their texts that they’re
so the next 10 a storyboard for color hair so I can so it’s great here text
here be properly credited and last but not least motion design pace no problem happy that he’s at here
ok so this six dan gonna be the same in terms of the container ship that the
same container size the same and I concise same features pro 3 everything
else does update ok so you see it looks good the only thing is the spaces again so
what we’re going to do is we have to decrease the spaces which is going to
stay here and agro top-to-bottom paring 25 when the save that save for their
bona do the same thing the top bottom padding 25 save update our services here
ago that’s done on so now we’re going to do our work and
that’s how it’s gonna look like this we’re going to go to pages our cat it to
go to Page Builder gonna be cited were deter- that it had media and if you
haven’t uploaded as if it’s not here then you’re going to upload upload more
and it’s like files I work when I just upload all these and these are the exact
ones that I want to use and then I would create gallery press the button here to
read the caption for each one of us when I think I like story book second 1 I’m
going to sue the lifetime family actually there but funnier stead
lifetime and teacher so the max going to choose
mediafire calls it the same and I’m going to go to be precise gonna be a
large and insert and update shares under our work and look at that that’s that’s
nice but the Stillwater space so back but already there p.m. top bottom padding was gonna be CEO
save that and then update ok let’s see how that looks so fresh that it looks
great and then when you click on it looks good ok so last but not least is the contact
page so that’s how that looks like so gonna have elements here and there
alright so pages and contact page builder and wood chip set origin
editor I believe its export contacts contact us take that it caught us and
said he ripped heading to and so the next thing is the eros a troll and could
be three rows but it’s not gonna be the same size the first one is going to 48%
second one is going to be four percent this is gonna be 40% the last ok so it
equates to a hundred and press Insert than the 1st column which in its gonna
be saved origin editor and what we gonna do is
according to go to update this before we leave this page was literally this page
we’re going so we’re going to add this contact in order to do that we’re going
to go to contact contact forms and we’re gonna add want to change things just got out it’s
pretty simple change to change so far so good copy there and we go back to pages
and go to go back to contact at it and get this look at it undertaxed organized pace this ok click
done so any update this will see contact so that’s their names email subject
message was gonna will rectify the spacey soon see if the spacing didn’t
really take that show i no problem so I okay so it’s easy to rectify the wrong
48 for 48 safe year ago and we’re gonna leave this one like and see what we want
to do next what this wants a map phone number add widget site origin editor at
it to paste it here alive alignments it’s gonna be a checking or
so and next thing we need is origin Google Maps of an add widget said
origin Google Maps the address at it so you could change if you wanna make it
more attractive exterior walls interactive get static you could change
a lot of things change there were just a bit like that it’s pretty good done an update right so now we have to
do is we have to change all this in terms of these species we’re going to go
to Edit roll roll spacing put N Save the Date looks much better there we go thats
look at good see perfect and I couldn’t interrupt them freaks out great so last
but not least is the border so what we’re going to do with this folder is as
you can see peace cool down it doesn’t give any information regarding your
company so that’s what’s going to happen so we’re going to go to parents and
editor and then we’re going to click if you wish to change the water it is
imperative that you proceed with caution it could cause entered incorrectly could
really mess up your website so if you do not wish to change accord this way this
is actually free a freeway I’ll show you how an alternative way in a minute ok
we’re going to make sure that the and make sure that its theme for her each be it’s a parody of that it’s this ok to delete everything
in the box and everything is delete deleted rather that then I’m going to
shoot copy piece this and I’m gonna update file alright so right now this is
the footer doesn’t show your information so I’m going to refresh it so that you
have to do is you’re going to update the update is to fix bad is this right here
and put it in your website here with your website at this rate here you know
put your website here and that’s all you have to do the two things I get to
modify ok so this year and this year alright so as you can see now it’s been
updated this update as serious as cul-de-sac ratify marketing dot com
slash tutorial however if you want the alter the way a little bit anxious about
changing the code there’s something called the theme the Sydney Profi so
only activity but easier the probe led to do is go to parents customized citicorp option and then
easily change supporter credits credits very a very simple so you can also add
credit for a marketing / tutorial you could also see how to get this the city prov it also has more
functionality mystery cities that were using so as you can see let’s look at
the website we’re finished high school down the schools to view service back to schools to work or and also goes
to contact the school to contact as well as beautiful you click on the About share some more points but the company
would stand up for the rest of the company the service is the company’s
routed services the portfolio and contact people want to contact you via a
website for you visit a visit then they can do that as well so you’ve done a
great job you have created a professional elegant WordPress website
with no program required which website designers recharge honestly they charge
$2,000 for a site like this therefore the suit oriole has saved you
Belgium’s not many people can say that they’ve done what you’ve done give
yourself a pat on the back no joke there will be more tutorials such as how to
establish a business email address and many more useful tutorials to get your
business to the next level so if you found this video tutorial helpful that
pay it forward help others in the comments section who
have similar questions see you that you know the answers to Walter don’t forget
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