GTA 5 MODS LSPDFR #40-  Classic Los Angeles Police Car (1988 Chevorlet Caprice) (GTA 5 POLICE MOD)

GTA 5 MODS LSPDFR #40- Classic Los Angeles Police Car (1988 Chevorlet Caprice) (GTA 5 POLICE MOD)

September 4, 2019 7 By Bernardo Ryan

what is up beautiful people of YouTube
my name is Jerutastic with episode number 40 of LSPDFRr but this is
technically will be the first epsiode in a retro series that we’re doing so the
next two episodes you guys gonna be watching gonna be a retro series and
today we’re gonna start off with the 1988 Chevy Caprice. Tes the classic
classic Chevy Caprice actually believe it or not my father about a brand new
car in 1988 or I said was at 1989 zero miles down it was a Chevy Caprice that
looked exactly like this one man so here we are in the 1988 Chevy Caprice so
we’re gonna be doing that retro since we are doing retro I usually don’t like the
police hats but we are rockin a police hat as well we’re gonna be a Los Santos
today with our in Los Santos Patrol and we’re just gonna be – hopefully we dont get into many chases man because we don’t have that type of power today
but this is a very cool car okay let me show you guys let me show the inside the
inside is actually very very well done it’s the dashboard all of that stuff it
is very well done the back you know the whole blue is kind of throwing it off a
little bit but this is excellently done here’s a steering wheel alright and
let’s go ahead and turn the lights on for you guys so I got this warning
lights I’m not I’m not sure they had those in the 80s but you got the warning
lights and he also got your all out lights right here so that is really cool
man I’m actually excited about this series today they decided to do
something different we are ready patrol we’re ready for it for calls so let’s go
ahead and put that we’re ready for calls and one thing I didn’t notice for some
reason they did not give me armor so yeah man welcome to the channel, welcome
to the J-Army if you new here make sure you join the J-Army we got a robbery
strawberry actually worry about that later
strawberry alright dispatch show me uh 1076 to the salt go ahead and respond to
this assault call as far as handling of the car and all that good stuff it’s not
that bad Victim Witness and determine what
actually happened so there’s a bit not a victim and there’s a witness it’s right
here in strawberry well let me see yes we do there they are
I’m gonna see what’s going on here alright look at this car though love it
love it love it alright let’s go ahead and talk
well should we talk – I think it’s a witness possibly it’s usually the lady
it’s a victim away this officer she’s making up the whole thing God doesn’t
give her anything sister she cries rape maybe she’s telling the truth but it
doesn’t seem genuine I don’t know something just seems off to me I think
that’s him coming back to the scene I’ll give you a statement if you want okay
well we should have talked to her first okay let’s let’s see what’s going on
yeah seriously the lady that’s the victim but you never know what I want to
assume anything here ma’am well what’s going on here today officers thank god
you’re here the man just left before you got here
okay I was just walking down the street and he came up to me he started saying
things like I love you was really creepy I was just minding my own business and
he just punched me okay he called me a bitch I swear he’s crazy he said he
wanted to rape me this guy this nice guy right here came and chased him off it
was crazy seriously you have to arrest them you look like a nice guy can you
help a girl out please okay well ma’am first and foremost I’m
not seeing me and he wounds in your face that he punched you in the face ready
ponch you okay well hang on time for me gonna speak there I’m gonna go speak to
the guy who so far her story’s bullshit she’s saying that that fat guy helped
her out but the guy is it’s saying what I’ve said he’s saying that she’s making
his whole thing up it’s a little cloudy overcast today in
Los Santos something different like I said I kind of like it all right so
what’s what’s going on here I could have left officer but what I saw you pull up
I had to come back I haven’t got anything to hide sir I came back to
speak with you personally I just wanted to make sure you got the truth
someone has to show her that she can’t just make stuff up she’ll scream in a
thread with a knife you could check me I don’t
have any weapons all right let’s go and start ad I’m not a check you sir you
have anything got a poke stick or hurt me on you okay you don’t severe at hand
okay I’m not I’m not got to take that seriously serious I’m not even gonna
take that fucking seriously even guys watch my episode severe head like
seriously who walks around with a severe head and approach a cop and after safe
searching me I’m not taking that seriously no all right sir I’m gonna go
ahead and check you on our database Jack key billard okay hang on tight for me
sir she’s definitely going to jail if that’s
the case for can’t just make stuff up on people like that
can’t be doing stuff like that I can’t get over this card and I love it all
right ma’am here’s here’s a problem ma’am this
gentleman right here this one who said helped you off helped you I helped you
get the guy off of you he’s saying that you’re making this story up I search a
guy is searching our database he has nothing on him
now I don’t know why you’re making this stuff up but I’m gonna I’m gonna go
ahead and search you I mean I’m running in the database and search you here
gotta get a check on a man to love 313 72 okay I’m gonna let him Peggy down
ma’am have you think it’s got polka sticker hurt me on you she got a forged ID car a card passport
a sawed-off shotgun okay ma’am so as of right now you are being detained and
most likely arrested spell an order to order our narcotics on you yeah you
might you might have been just a little too high I have to be honest with you so
come here for me I’ll be right with you sir okay as of right now I mean both of these
guys are gonna probably just get going I don’t I don’t need it for anything
go ahead have a seat for me man all right all right sir appreciate you being
honest preciate your statement you’re free
you’re free to leave sir thank you all right we’ll go tell that guy too hey man I’m not not buying her story so
you’re good to go she actually has forged IDs on her and
some shotgun stuff she stuffed on her skirt
sorry free to leave sir okay go ahead all right well she’s just no one’s gonna
be going to jail here I remember like I like it like I like I told you I’m not
I’m not buying your story I think you make that up so you’ll be going to jail
today for a false accusation for possession of a forged ID and the pistol
that you had on you as well I think you’re a little too high all right guys
for right now we’re just going to imagine what I have a police computer
cuz we don’t so we’re not gonna be writing arrest reports and retro week of
MS PDF for this is a less PDF on GTA 5 retro week would your boy Jerry tastic
we’re gonna call it a prison transport so yeah there’s three different types
1987 Caprice 1988 Caprice and a Ford I think it’s a Ford Crown Vic I believe so
he looks like this guy got the same car as me but yeah put all three of them in
there all right got a female officer pick her up and dispatch so uh stand for
off the skull god I wanted a person in Davis for perjury it’s gonna be a female
all right we’re ready right around the corner here so go ahead
and get to that oh oh boy come on come on guys you’ve gotta go
this way just these guys are blocking the road just around a corner from us so
we’re not gonna be too concerned about it if it tells me this whole suspect
awareness thing I’m just gonna lose it cuz this that thing is so stupid the
whole awareness like yeah I don’t care if they’re aware I’m coming here and
arrest them are you kidding me you can’t get out of the way all right should be
should be here on top of these steps go ahead and get I got out just in case
once again the suspect awareness actually we’ll take our mace out first
where is she all right ma’am LSPD don’t run don’t run
don’t know shit don’t run stop go glad I missed it cuz cuz she gotta calm down
get down on the floor for me ma’am why were you trying to run from me huh
there’s no reason to be run from you Robert but I the jailhouse do when I am
in the courthouse right in front of the county jail I’m gonna search everything
kids go poke stick I heard me on you all right she got some nunchucks it’s not
really supposed to be having that and let’s double check make sure it is the
person that we need and we’ll just send her off to jail after that she’s not
going that far she’s she’s going right there in the county jail
yep she is indeed wanted all right let’s take her back and we’ll call a prison
transport for her required ice again we’re not gonna be
doing that computer today because we’re just gonna pretend this is 1388 so she’s
gotta get picked up today it looks like it’s gonna be this good old policing
today you know good old good old policing old-school policing here she
comes alright ma’am I’ll take care of that war Annette you
have and don’t run away from cops next time all right
big head that’s what she said all right a spatula 10-4 1024 back to traffic when
gang territory right now we’re just doing a little patrol here
just make sure these guys are what the hell this guy’s just fuckin has a beer
and pours it in front of me to see what the hell he still is sir what the hell
you doing man what you doing with that beer outside he’s just pouring it I
don’t even have a brown bag over it come here all right she has ID cool never seen
that up Jack Edwards re Jack trouble contact form you gotta get a check on
Jack Edwards here all right he’s not wanted all right Jack I’ll issue a
citation here for drinking of public can’t be doing that stuff can’t be doing
none of that stuff then next time next time I see you doing stuff like that I’m
gonna take it downtown – all right you’re on your way what up Gordo call me Flaco oh wow nice
all right let’s keep going man yeah I was just drinking beer and I try not to
do every one of them but you know if I see some of them that I’ll go ahead and
I’ll gonna stop him for it right now if we see somebody without headlights we
will be stopping them as well because it is dark man this this area this
neighborhood right here many many notorious many many mysterious shoot us
at happening with the gangs there’s another person right here what the hell
if we’re gonna have to do every one I don’t care we’re doing it today well you talking shit man talk about a
bunch of fucking uh guys huh let me get your ID bro oscar’s Cheveley OC cells or something
like that nobody stupid you are wanted if you keep
swirling around me like that next time upon fucking Daisy – yeah you’re wanted
man you are wanted yeah that’s why we do this right here to see who’s water who’s
not I mean he’s given us a reason to check him out I’m gonna search you to
have anything he’s gonna poke sticker hurt me on the guts that you have man
just drink it and be remote like while you’re wanted you got four grams of whoa
boy ooh boy well you think there’s no there’s no lies in the low Santos today
boy she’s drinking beer in public and got 4 grams of cocaine out here while
you want it as well no no what the hell are you doing breath oh yeah you’re
going to jail maybe going to jail for possession for your warrant and for
public intoxication as well smell be all over you I got to do it in the hood man
you gotta like the hell’re to my cargo you gotta be kidding me bro you got to
be kidding me thank God for the trainer cuz my car’s
just randomly disappeared oh man but all right we’re gonna be ten-four off it’s
called I guess right here’s a car we got a car oh sorry madam didn’t mean to hit
you there think about this neighborhood is one driven in progress suspect
respond quickly but it’s responds quietly okay IRL is going to respond to
that there’s a robbery here going on robbery in strawberry
oh come on come on come on come on Google try to get to that as fast as
possible might be inside the house type of robbery going on here Wow see that’s
why you always check the intersection because people don’t always stop all
right we responded to that robbery hope you guys enjoyed this episode if you are
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to the channel welcome ok looks like look sucks right here
do not make entry until backup arrives what is she what is she coming to talk
to me for oh there she wants to talk to me okay we’re waiting for backup but I
stalked her real quick officers dead got here a few minutes came home it was
damaged the lock I don’t know what happened I peek through I heard somebody
okay alright man alright alright just hang on tight Welbeck I better get their
ass over here fast because I’m about to make entry at let’s PD if anybody’s
inside the house which adds up you are surrounded we got officers all over here
where the fuck is my backup dude I’m making entry dude fuck tobacco oh I
can’t even do it I can’t even do it we’ll go right here then
okay there to here I would go in where’s you where is he
actually this time working well actually search LSPD come out with your hands up it’s the font of the photo
well there is there’s you get down on the floor go down on the floor get down
the floor stop it it oh my god I’m stop hitting him get down on the floor sir
some motherfucker breaking if you stop hitting him I got him oh my god dude see
so much of Bobby if you hit one more time
there you go alright sir look embrace you oh my god dude I’m praying I won’t
put your handcuffs right now you’re under arrest for home invasion robbery
whatever else we found on you okay ladies if you could feel free to go
outside there’s his wanted to what you doing
inside this lady’s house man God dad man go get a job or something man can’t be
doing stuff like this you got a pet Connor well you gotta go to jail for
home invasion for the war net you have on E today and bunch other stuff going
to call him some backup some black prison transfer go down talk to her make
sure she knows everything is good I remember as you can see we got him thank
you so much I don’t know what I went I’ve done blah blah blah okay you’re
welcome now he’s not coming back he’s going to jail we got a suspect resisting
arrest in Hawick we took it even though Scott outside were patrolling right now
but he is known to have possession on firearms so we’re gonna have to make
sure we’re a little bit careful when we’re approaching this individual right
here okay guys move out the way thank you very much oh all right hopefully I
feel like my frames drop it a little bit hopefully they’re not in the recorder
now we’re making a look we’re making our way there slow and steady a lot of
traffic right now it’s not quite night it’s actually like the rush hour time in
most centers right now I believe we’re almost there
well move out the way bro all right we’re almost there it isn’t how it like
we said we were kind of primary patrolling strawberry Davis Ron Shaw
area but this one we got it because it he is known to have possession of a
firearm we can turn our senses off and I’ve been
it isn’t the workplace so it might be inside right now that we are gonna come
out with a gun now LSPD sir you in a green vest come out with your hands up
come out with your hands up oh shit dude it’s not it’s not looking good so you
got a warrant for your arrest get suspects ID as usual okay
yo yo yo shit son of a bitch oh he’s not in custody
dispatch gotta roll me a mess my way suspect is knocked out usually they die
from this call good EMS here check him out no I think what he hit him with a
gun in their head they tend to die which makes no sense to me because
sometimes you shoot somebody mad they don’t die but if you hit him with a gun
in their head they die so I’m not sure how much sense that
makes where is he going alright well go ahead check it out see
see if we could but he just oh there he is
I thought he despawned madness this is nice it’s a nice very nice car I’m
loving it there’s the ambulance right here don’t
tell me he’s gonna do he’s got a dying man come on would it do anything to the
guy are you serious you might as well get the body back that’s what he just
said wait oh my god well we’ll get a coroner’s office then that’s just
ridiculous that’s just ridiculous he died from me hitting him in the head
yet one of my streams I don’t know if you guys remember it but the guy I shot
him in the head and he didn’t die but another guy hit him in the head and he
died all right well that’s gonna wrap it up for this one
we’re gonna go on to the next call dispatch show me 1010 for this car ready
to Patrol first what a night for in strawberry oh
we’re just here suspect is a female is that her right there actually that is
her might be her oh yeah that’s definitely her I’m not taking no chances
cuz we got to be careful what he chasing him to cuz it’s turning around on you
ma’am ma’am I’m stop stop stop stop right there stop right there yeah that
man it happens that was that was quick Wow we’re just we’re just knocking these
calls out we’re knocking these calls off quick today no incident no nothing oh my goodness bed all right I’m gonna
go out in search of Chloe what the hell you doing walking around with a knife
around here huh you said it’s not a safe neighborhood well whether it is or it
ain’t I mean you can’t just be carrying a knife around you like that you have
anything’s gonna poke sticker hurt me on you see that’s where I wish I had my
computer database to kind of check it out because she wasn’t really being
resisted she didn’t resist she was cooperative I will check the
computer if she had no arrest I would probably just give her a ticket but
right now we’re gonna have to jail her and then the court system could decide
what they want to do with her we’re are in retro week we have no
computer in the car I think they had computers record I’m not sure when
computers started being implemented in police cars but not not today not in
this episode there’s a no computer got it wait here for the prisoner transport
I take it forever today by the way all right she’s been picked up and we are
ready to go dispatch once again show me ten-four traffic up you guys are
enjoying this episode so far I really do work hard and give any guys realistic
policing the most realistic policing possible
what a nice pinafore with the best commentary I hope you guys are enjoying
this episode so far I really work hard and giving you guys the most realistic
part and I hope you guys are enjoying this episode so far I really work hard
and giving you guys the most realistic release impossible all right well this
guy’s getting pulled over I hope you guys yeah most realistic policing
possible at LSPD four could possibly give me with the best commentary so I
hope you guys are truly enjoyed this episode if you’re new to the channel
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front of us she’s hit her car and act like nothing happens so we’re gonna go ahead and wait for it to
turn just turn greener we gotta pull it over
that’s just how it’s gonna go but yeah when I say the most realistic policing
as as much as LSP therefore allows me to because and it’s better for sometimes
it’s just not realistic like that guy the beginning of the episode will
research I mean he got a severe hat on him like are you kidding me severe at
hand like he’s walking around with a sea beard had him and he just told the cop
to search them really does this where you gonna park no how about we go over
here trying to really my heart I when I do these things I really try for them to
go about it without hitting anything see look at this guy are you kidding me no
no you gotta go this way you gotta go this way you gotta go this way this way
this way this way stop stop stop stop stop stop slowly slowly slowly slowly
maybe we should not you know what are we gonna black we’re gonna have to just do
it this way go ahead right there let’s do it this way otherwise not really
working out I just don’t want it to be on the railroad tracks either right now
that’s why let’s see if we could do it right here yeah there we go perfect
perfect a little more a little more there you go you could do it one inch at
a time all right we searched the car no Flags no nothing
looks like occupied occupied times one all right go ahead sure we’re gonna
don’t face them all the way in good evening ma’am officer Jerutastic with
Los Santos Police Department, the reason why I pulled you over you just hit me
you hit my car and you weren’t in front of me like nothing happened and I’m
smelling a lot of weed on you right now is my bear you impaired right now at all
okay let’s let’s start off with your driver’s license all right mrs. mrs.
green are you sure you haven’t been drinking
tonight why I mean I had something you say she said got nothing better to do
well ma’am I did have a lot of things better to do but you decided to run in
the back of the bed side dare the back of the side of my car that makes any
sense right there but what you don’t have any drugs what
do you care well I definitely do care ma’am
you’re not being very cooperative right now so I’m not I don’t understand why okay you know what
sets up step out the car for me I’m gonna I’m gonna give you a field
sobriety test here I have reasons to believe that you’re not you’re not
really you’re not really normal right now you know go ahead and blow in this
breathalyzer for me first and foremost she got nothing okay citizens report alright let me see if
she got a drag Eliza right here you’re positive for cocaine IRA members have
right now you’re being placed under arrest for driving under influence and
also technically leaving a scene of an accident you hit my car and kept going
like nothing even happened I’m gonna search everything to get a spoke sticker
hurt me out of you excellent you got a crowbar
where’d you where’d you possibly fit the crowbar you’re wearing really short
shorts and why are you wearing Uggs and a scarf you cold from your neck to
your feet then that’s about it all right well I’m gonna put you in the back of my
car here search the rest of your car you have anything in your car right now was
a good time to tell me before I find out on my own
oh boy she got some LSD an empty bottle this was all she has open container
drugs driving on the influence man she’s going to jail gotta go explain hey
what’s going on all right ma’am you’re going to jail tonight for driving under
influence hit-and-run possession of a controlled substance LSD and an open
container as well she has been picked up with that being said ladies and
gentlemen today which is good old police police work, good old-fashioned police
work right here look at that I really had fun with the first part of the
retro series here in GTA 5’s LSPDFR with the Los Santos police department
more like the Los Angeles Police really but that’s that’s okay I hope you guys
enjoyed this episode once again if you’re new to the channel welcome my
name is Jerutastic, I make videos for videos Tropico 5 videos, GTA 5 mods
videos, some some face cam reaction videos to new games so make sure you do
hit the subscribe button it really really appreciate you guys tuning in and
I really had a fun time can’t wait for the next one it’s probably gonna be the
1990 nice you know 1999 Caprice or probably the 19 early 1990s Crown Vic so
with that being said ladies gentlemen thank you very much my name is your
tesak I’ll catch you guys that next one I’m out