Graphic Design Trends Of 2020 | Typography Set To Trend 2020!

March 1, 2020 0 By Bernardo Ryan

one hot an emerging graphic design trend
of 2020 is a modernisation and innovation of typography
in graphic design now simply put you’re gonna see a whole lot more of typography
being used in very interesting ways this year I’m going to give you the rundown
of some of these uses and I was actually going to be a test at the very end of
the video so do follow along and absorb the topography goodness in today’s video
now typography is a huge part of graphic design and I’ve said it before many
times on this channel and in fact typography is a graphic design principle
innovate zone so what is the big fuss in 2020 there actually are a few sectors of
typography that will become and have already become trends within the graphic
design world for 2020 so the first a typography trend is the usage of thicker
and bold fonts brands are starting to incorporate bold sans-serif fonts to
modernize the graphic designs you will also see them on posters on web designs
and even on package design too now in attempting to use bold and heavy fonts
for your graphic designs it’s crucial to first select the right font family take
a quick look at elrond for example it has a couple of pretty heavy fonts in
the font family the black and the heavy options being most notable we’re
actually applying the font to the graphic designs there are two good rules
that you need to keep in mind now firstly try to keep the super heavy
fonts for short phrases or just a few simple words only overcrowding your
design with too much heavy typography can be off-putting secondly add in some
thinner typography for contrast and this will balance your design out to make it
more visually appealing also the heavy use of typography can act as a focal
point and draw in a viewer as a visual starting point on your design another use of typography that you will
see is a graphic design trend more in 2020 is innovation of typography being
used to create 2d and 3d shapes and this is innovation of design and it isn’t
something new as such but the use of it becoming more and more popular is
something new for the 21st century the use of typography in terms of
creating shapes and design elements can be very effective
however like with any design you really need to make sure the design fits the
message of the brief so don’t go and simply make a cube of text just because
it looks cool there are many things you can do typography in terms of shape a
semi shuttle and some are really bold or imposing but make sure to adhere to the
other design principles while incorporating this trend so use things
like balance focal points contrast the so forth but yeah the brief is really
important in every graphic design projects that you embark on so the third
use of typography set a trend in 2020 is maxy typography now this actually has
been a trend for 2019 and also a little bit back in 2018 as well but it is going
to bleed over to 2022 pun intended now maxi typography sort of links into
the first edition in this video as it involves bold and heavy phone use maxi
is the use of typography that is so bold and heavy that is sometimes bleeds off
the page and it really takes the center stage as a focal points sometimes other
design elements will obscure parts of the lettering giving it more intrigue
and interest the bold use of typography is often also flat with maxi type so
that means no gradients or 3d text when concerning maxi typography maxi type is
also about getting the message across in the boldest and the most
attention-seeking way possible now before the test we have one more
aspect of topography that is set to train in 2020 and that is a semi
transparent user type on a graphic design and this is something I’ve
dabbled in myself over the years so it’s nice this here becomes some popular this
year using semi transparent ibaka fee is a good choice for typography being
placed over a fairly busy design or an image the typography effectively blends
a composition and at the same time stays a significant element of the whole
design now it’s a nice way just to tie everything together and again a choice
of bold font here is always a good move so there was a rundown of typography
trends in 2020 but how well were you listening I’m gonna throw some questions
to you about today’s content so you can test yourself on the tips and the stuff
that you saw in today’s video relating to typography trends in 2020 what a
brand is going to be using more and more to modernize their designs and the
content in 2020 now what did I mention was a good
practice for using heavy vault ones when creating 2d or 3d shapes of typography
what did I say was important what was the second tip in the video for
using heavy funds including this year of 2020 how many years that I mentioned
maxi topography has been a design trend for what is a common aspect of maxi
topography when is it a good idea to use
semi-transparent typography on your design what is the use of
semi-transparent text help to achieve so there were eight questions and let me
know how many you actually got right and also if you dig today’s content if you
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guys there’s only future today peace