[EngSub] A Round Trip To Love – BTS 5 of Poster Shooting |《双程》高泰宇 黄靖翔 海报拍摄幕后花絮5

February 25, 2020 0 By Bernardo Ryan

(Turn your head back and around) (3…turn around. Make a confused eye contact) Do I look at the camera? (Taiyu look at that way) (Thank you) (Taiyu your hand) shoulder to shoulder & arm to arm (What if you turn you back to me) (XiaoCai look at the floor; Taiyu look up to the building) (Still, XiaoCai look at the floor, be shy) (Taiyu look at him) (Taiyu kiss his forehead) How to…how to… (Kiss his forehead) Like this? (Xiao Cai close your eyes) (Like just now, kiss his forehead…in low-key) In low-key? Ok here we go I initiate it, right? How to ….kiss? (Show your side-profiles) (Head down) The photographer’s skill! Dafaq! (This one is hard) I don’t get it (You are old enough)