10 Creative Uses of Seamless Paper

December 10, 2019 0 By Bernardo Ryan

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[music] [00:00:45] Hi. This is Jay P. Morgan. Today, on The Slanted Lens, we’re gonna take
a look at seamless paper. Ten things you can do with Seamless paper
to make your photographs more interesting and your video more exciting. So, first off, what is seamless paper? I’ve been using seamless since I began my
career years and years ago. It’s simply a roll of paper that comes in
9-foot or 12-foot lengths. You’re gonna roll out to give yourself a clean
background. All the colors you can imagine. Savage has been making seamless for years. I use them from the very beginning my career. A few quick tips on how to set up your seamless. First off, you’ve got two C-stands, one on
the side, and your C-arm goes into the sides of the seamless. You can tell if your seamless is straight
or not by really knot the gap between the stand and the Seamless is the same all the
way from the top to the bottom. If that gap gets narrower, then the right
side is gonna go up. If that gap gets wider, then the right side
is gonna come down. It’s a very simple way to tell if your seamless
is gonna roll out evenly and right onto the floor. I always tape the very end of it with a little
bit of tape, build a hole, hold it into place, and you’ve got to put a clamp up on the top
because if you don’t, the weight of the seamless will roll itself all the way out on the floor,
and I’ve seen that happen a few times in my life. So, a clamp on the top will make sure that
your seamless is not gonna roll out. You can roll one or two ways. You can roll it underneath, which is my preferred
way to do it. It gives you… just it hangs easier that
way. Roll it underneath, but if you flip it over
and roll it forward, which I’ve done some cases, it gives you a piece of paper that
goes higher. Because, if you roll it underneath, the roll
gets in the way, and it blocks off the top of your frame. If you roll it over towards the front, now,
that roll over push right up to the ceiling, and you get that paper right to the ceiling
so the role doesn’t get in the way. Seamless has a cardboard roll that’s rolled
onto. So, you don’t have to have a pole that goes
all the way through it. You can just put your C-arms in from the sides,
and supports your seamless just fine. This is a little trick I picked up a long
time ago. If your seamless isn’t rolled up very tight,
just roll it up and when you get to the top just keep rolling it, over, and over, and
over again, and eventually, tightens it, tightens it, tightens it on a roll until it’s super
tight. That’s an easy way to get it nice and tight
back on the roll so that it can go back in the box. Seamless makes a great sweep, which is a background
that’s going to cover a full body image from top to bottom. You sweep it out underneath your model. So now, it goes onto the floor on the foreground,
and makes a nice curve in the background. So, it’s just a nice smooth transition, and
you don’t see a hard background floor. It’s made for just to be floating on a void
of color or of whiteness. So, here are 10 things you can do at seamless
on set. Number one, you can slice it into spirals,
and make an exciting background like we got right here. Number two, it’s okay to let your seamless
roll out and expose roll at the bottom of the shot. You’ll let people know that you’re in a fantasy
world. It’s kind of a cool look. Number three, fashion photography. You get that deep gray in the background,
your color pops up from it, and just looks incredibly nice. Even the colored seamlesses looks really good. Number four, you can make great props on set
with seamless. It’s paper. You can cut it up, you can make shapes, you
can cut things out of it, you can make it into flowers or a great vest and bow tie. Number five, you can take two different colors,
cut them, and take them together. And now, you’ve got a great juxtaposition
on the background. That’s a fun thing to play with different
dresses, different colors. It’s just a really, really fun concept to
play with. All the great seamless creations you’ve seen
today were done by Julie Morgan. Number six, it’s great to paint on. You can splatter paint, you can paint murals
on it, you can do a lot of different things with it because it’s paper. You can paint on the news, and then you just
throw it away. It’s a great service for painting on. Number seven, you’ve got a green screen color
that can be used for doing green screen for video and or for still photography. Number eight, making texture in your background. Your seams doesn’t always have to be smooth
and flat. It can be crumpled and textured, and give
a really interesting kind of gritty background. I’ve done that a lot. Number nine, if you want to isolate your talent
from the background, you can use a seamless. Roll it out, and it’s just an isolation of
your talent amidst the background of the world that they’re in. And because, it’s paper, it doesn’t cost you
a fortune if you have to replace it. Just cut off the bottom because people walked
on it, it’s gotten dirty. Roll it out and you go onto your next shoot. You can also use it on location when you go
to an office and shoot some corporate executives or shooting head shots. It just becomes a simple studio, any room
becomes a studio when you roll down the seamless. Number ten, I love this one. You can jump through it for a fun movement
experience. I’ve done that a few times in video and here
it is. So, there you have it. Look at 10 different ways to use seamless. There are many ways to use seamless. You’ll come up with your own. So, share them with us on our Facebook group,
join that group. You know, Savage has over 65 colors. So, all those colors, they can match your
client’s logo color. It’s just so many things you can apply seamless
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